The Good Ones


What happens when your past puts you on a course for danger at every turn, putting you at odds with the city's most dangerous crime mob?

"The Good Ones," a mystery thriller suspense book explores this theme and takes you on a wild journey alongside Mark, a cop who is determined to save the only person he considers family from the clutches of a notorious mobster.

Haunted by the memory of the night his bank robber parents were killed before his eyes, Mark must uncover the secrets of the mob and face off against the dangerous criminal Mick that he may just have underestimated. He'll risk it all in hopes of saving Sonya, a girl he grew up with who he loves like a sister.

Like the best of mystery books and mob books, "The Good Ones" keeps you guessing through all of its 90 pages. A quick read that will make you anxious to turn the page, the title is available as Kindle mystery books and in paperback form.

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