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12. A Tragedy

Mark arrives home and goes inside and grabs Debbie and kisses her and says “It’s just you and me tonight.” Debbie smiles and then she tells him she is going to fix him a good dinner tonight of steak and potatoes, and for dessert, home baked cherry pie. Mark tells her that sounds great, he’ll go take a shower while she is cooking that. Mark heads upstairs to the bathroom while Debbie heads to the kitchen to start cooking when the phone rings. Debbie answers the phone. “Hello,” She says. Debbie tells the caller to hold on and she goes and gets Mark.

“Mark it’s the record clerk Gina on the phone.” Mark comes and answers the phone “Hello.” Mark says. “How’s Cleo doing?” Gina asks. “Great. So what have you been up to?” Mark asks. “Oh nothing just it’s a doggie dog world you know.” She says. “True.” Replies Mark. “You know my friend got seven hundred and thirty dollars.” She says. “You don’t say.” Mark replies. While Mark was responding he looks at the clock to see what time it is. Six forty-five pm.

Mark tells Gina he’s got to go his wife is calling him, and that he will talk to her later. They say their good-byes and end the phone call. Mark goes and tells Debbie that he’s got some police business and that he will be back later. “Sure,” she says in a sarcastic tone. Mark caresses Debbie’s face “We will talk about this when I get home.” Mark kisses Debbie good-bye and then leaves to go to the theatre to meet Gina. Mark arrives at the movie theatre and checks around to make sure he wasn’t followed, then goes inside.

He buys a ticket for the movie I Love My Dog. That plays at seven thirty pm. He walks inside the theatre and sees Gina sitting in the back row up against the left side wall. She turns and spots Mark. He walks over to her. While he is doing this he is also taking observation of who is around in the theatre. “No one seems out of place.” He says to himself. Mark sits down next to Gina. “So what is it?” Mark asks. “Well…” Mark interrupts Gina. “Wait a minute were you followed?” He asks. ”No. No.” Gina replies.

“Okay. Sorry continue.” Mark says. “Well like I was about to say. I started to hang out with my friend from the IA records room, and he told me that one of the guys has been looking at the files of our policemen at our precinct.” Gina says. “Oh really.” Mark replies surprised to hear. “Why would he be doing this? As far as I know no one at our office has done anything to warrant an investigation.” Gina agrees with Mark. “Look Mark, that is what I was thinking. I tried to get him to give me more information about it and he would not.” Says Gina.

“Oh man we have got to find out who the agent is, and get a hold of that information.” Mark replies. “Yes that is also what I was thinking. So I did some digging and …….” Just as Gina was about to finish her statement a group of people sat in front of her and Mark. “Anyways...” Gina whispers as one of the people in front of them turns around and “Shh.” At them. Gina is about to continue when Mark notices one of the people in the group that sat in front of them is ease dropping on the conversation.

Mark motions for Gina to follow him. They leave the theatre. Mark does a quick look around and all looks clear as they are walking down the sidewalk finishing the conversation from the theatre. “So. Do you know who it?” Mark asks. “Yes. I finally got my friend to get me some more information. He told me that the guy was checking into you.” Gina says. “Me?” Mark replies shocked. “Why I’ve done nothing wrong.” Mark says. “I know Mark, but apparently during your investigation into trying to get Sonya back you must have stumbled onto something.” Gina says.

“I don’t know what?” Mark says. “Mark I checked into it by looking over everything we looked at and the answer was closer then what we thought. Mark both our lives are in serious danger from what I discovered.” Gina says. “Don’t worry Gina I can protect you.” Mark replies. Gina gives a sigh of relief “Okay. You are not going to believe this, but it’s that agent guy…..” Just at that moment before Gina could finish her statement a bullet comes flying out of nowhere, hits Gina’s head and then hits the concrete wall of the building next to her. Gina falls down dead.